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Monday, 23 July 2018

Home Electrical Buyers Surveys by the Electrical Surveyor Experts

Home Electrical Surveys In Leeds before you buy

Would you buy a car without looking under the bonnet ?


Buying a home in Leeds is not that much different, a home is possibly the most expensive purchase you will ever make within your lifetime, why settle for additional electrical rectification costs on your new home when you do not have to ?.

A Home Electrical survey in Leeds by a specialist Home Electrical Survey company in Leeds can help you can save you hundreds if not thousands in rectification costs before you sign for your property.

We are Home Electrical Survey specialists, our Home Survey's are a detailed Home Electrical Survey inspection on your potential new home wether you are buying it or selling it. We are renowned for our quality Home Electrical Surveys In.

Our reports will details the properties current electrical state with a comprehensive information and photographs pack with estimations to accompany the certificated report we provide on your property.

Over time old wiring combined with DIY additions, unqualified alterations can result in a mess, do you want to inherit this mess and pay for the rectification work at your cost ? If not read on.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Electrical survey Leeds,Electrical survey Wakefield,Electrical survey Bradford

Electrical Surveys - I conduct Electrical Surveys on Homes throughout Leeds,Bradford,York,Wakefield & Harrogate ensuring that if you are deciding on selling your a property or buying a new one a buyers survey will ensure the property is safe to move into and no electrical faults are present or likely to cost you any money. A full written report with illustrations is supplied to the customer on completion of the electrical survey via email in pdf format or in person. From booking in the electrical survey with MPS Electrical to completion is usually 24 hours. House Rewires - Does your home need re wiring ? Do you definitely need a rewire? Unsure what's involved ?. MPS Electrical Contractors Ltd invite you to step inside and look at what our Electricians have to say about rewires in Leeds. A question many house owners, and more often potential house buyers ask themselves is "does this place need a re-wire?" rewire ?, Often the answer is not straight forward, as some parts of the installation may be satisfactory, others not so. Some older properties may have had modifications carried out while different (i.e.. older) versions of the Wiring Regulations were in force and are now in need of improvement. The only way to be sure, is to get an approved electrician to have a look and carry out an inspection. If you are buying a property, paying for an inspection may be money well spent if you discover the property needs to be re-wired. Visit my rewires Leeds page here for more information. Me and my team have been rewiring homes in Leeds Bradford York Wakefield & Harrogate for 17 years. All my rewires are fully certified under part P of the building regulations and certificated with a 10 year guarantee.   So another underfloor heating system installed...