Tuesday 29 June 2010

What is a RCD ?

Residual-current devices by Electricians Leeds MPS Electrical Contractors Ltd http://www.mps-electrical.com/

A RCD is a mechanically operated device which in the event of a imbalance disconnects the affected circuit protecting the user from the risk of electric shick.

RCD'S are now mandatory under the 17th edition wiring regulations for a number of reasons in residential dwellings, commercial & industrial environments.

If you have a consumer unit that does not have RCD protection then further modifications to existing circuits & the installation of new circuits may require the introduction of a RCD.

In most cases a replacement consumer unit may be needed or a stand alone RCD device to cover the affected circuit.

See www.MPS-Electrical for more information.
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Tuesday 12 January 2010

Replacement Consumer Units Leeds

Hello, I am the Managing Director & Inspector for MPS Electrical, my name is Marc and here are some key facts about consumer unit replacements.

All circuits within the distribution board have to have a earth core present in the cable for the consumer unit to be replaced, you often find older properties don'thave the earth in the lighting cable (see below)

This means the lighting circuit within the home needs rewiring to ensure a earth point at all lights and switches. The consumer unit cannot be replaced as per regulations if the circuits do not have a earth as the electrician needs to commission the circuit and a earth is vital.

This is a image of modern wiring with the earth core present and a example of what your wiring should be like to todays standards.

If you have a replacement mains board then it must be accompanied with a Electrical Completion certificate.

This will have a schedule of inspections & a schedule test results along with a front page that the Inspector signs.

No certificate, Not done properly.

Visit http://www.mps-electrical.com/

& http://www.mps-electrical.com/doineedarewire.htm

for more information

Does your house need a rewire?

Many houses in the UK still have old wiring. This is not only unsafe and a potential fire hazard but is also less efficient than modern systems. It can also affect the resale value of your house, as old wiring almost certainly is highlighted as a major problem during a survey.

If you have old wiring in your house, for example fabric or rubber covered flex you should seriously consider having a complete rewire. Here at Teague Electrical Services we can completely redesign your electrical system to include sufficient socket outlets located in the right places to accommodate your needs, a state of the art consumer unit to replace your old fuse box which will contain residual current devices and circuit breakers. Rewiring a house is a major undertaking, we will carry out the work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

1. Does your fuse box have replaceable fuse wire?

2. Do your plugs or sockets get hot or have scorch marks?

3. Do fuses blow regularly?

4. Do you have to use extension leads and adaptors?

5. Do you have lights that use the old, twisted type flex?

6. Do you have rubber covered flex?

7. Do you have round pin plugs and sockets?

8. Are your cables missing an earth cable?

9. Do you use electrical equipment outdoors?

10. Has your wiring been checked in the last 10 years? If you have answered yes to any of the above you could require a rewire

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